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I want to be a reseller and share in 05's success


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Optus Network Plans through 05 

By obtaining a mobile plan through 05 or moving your current mobile number over to 05

you automatically become an 05 reseller under its terms and conditions

as you need to have a mobile so the people you refer can contact you, as you are the referer. 


You have your optus plan through 05Communications not Optus.

This allows us to gain benefits from Optus and pass those benefits onto you,
so to help you reduce or eliminate your 05 monthly account with us.


By signing your mobile number over to 05Communications

or 05 providing you with a new mobile number you automatically become a reseller

and also start to earn loyalty shares, earn rebates by referring others to 05, 

plus a chance to change everything - your in the Powerball draw every week,

1 share in syndicate of 25 - 7 numbers Powerball guaranteed


Service 1 - Mobiles

Service 1 - MBB

Terms & Conditions: - By transferring/signing  your mobile number over to 05Communications (05) this allows you to become a reseller. If at any stage you no longer what to be a reseller with 05 and you want to port the mobile number over to another carrier, 05 will need to authorise the port as 05 is the owner of that mobile number whilst you are with 05. However the mobile number you have through us we are obligated to release that number to you at your request under the following conditions;

1.The contract with us has expired

2. If you are still in contract you will need to pay the contract out before we allow the port.

3.  You need to advise 05 you want to keep the mobile number you have and get 05 to port the number over on your behalf to the new carrier. You will need 05 to sign the mobile back to you before the port can go through. You cannot go to a new carrier and request the port as we are the owners of the mobile number and it needs us to authorise the port. The only way we will not allow the port if you have any outstanding money owed on your account.

If you have a credit balance on your account we will refund that to you via your nominated bank account you provide to us.


The reseller's plan has been setup to try and help people eliminate or reduce their 05 account and for them to share in our success by way of the  loyalty shares.