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$59.00 Unlimited Monthly Plan 

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05NBN prices 5 

Basic - 12/1Mbps  
Typical evening speed 10Mbps
Small households & light users
Web surfing
 Email, social media
Standard - 25/5Mbps 
Typical evening speed 21Mbps
2-3 people household
Social media & browsing
Standard Plus - 50/20Mbps 
- Typical evening speed 42Mbps
Heavier users
HD streaming
-Responsive online gaming
Premium - 100/40Mbps 
 Typical evening speed 71 to 86Mbps
Larger households, intensive users
 Large downloads & uploa


NBN Key Factors

 This information applies to the following 05 NBN plans delivered on fixed line connections (NBN FTTP, FTTB, FTTN, FTTC & HFC): NBN SL Voice Bundle, NBN S Bundle, NBN M Bundle, NBN Extra Bundle, NBN XL Bundle, NBN XXL Bundle.

Below indicates your NBN plan’s typical download speeds and online usage during the busy period. The busy period is between 7pm and 11pm.


NBN12, NBN50 and NBN100 indicate the underlying speed tier that your NBN plan is on and represent the maximum possible speed that is available outside the busy periods indicated above

Factors at your premises that can affect data speeds and performance.

05nbn facts


If your plan is delivered on NBN FTTB, FTTN or FTTC: your speeds are affected by the length and quality of the copper used by NBN Co. Once your service is activated, we will send you an email stating your line speed as determined by NBN Co (around 3 weeks after activation). If your line cannot support the speed tier that your NBN plan is on, you have the option to move to a lower speed plan(if available) or to change providers without contract break fees. Both options include a refund if selected within 10 working days of being sent the email, to be calculated accordingly.

In the event of a power outage:  NBN services will not function except for NBN FTTP services with a working battery backup unit installed.

Medical and security alarm services: Before switching to NBN, please contact your alarm provider to assess whether your alarm is compatible with an NBN service and identify available alternatives if your alarm services are not compatible.