profit share3

 By moving your telco services over to 05

You profit share by earning loyalty shares every month for every dollar you spend with 05 - including any card fees that may apply


or by being an 05 Member/Reseller

 you share in our succes by earning loyalty shares from what you spend with us.

You earn reocurring monthly referral commission from customers or Resellers you gain

From the services you and your group gain creates a goodwill value for you personally

The loyalty Shares & the goodwill you create have huge potential based on our concept in the long term.


 05 is committed to ensuring our Customers and Members/Resellers share in our success


  Loyalty Shares

  • For every dollar you spend with 05 you earn one loyalty share
  • One loyalty share is worth $0.01
  • You can cash those shares in at any time - the choice is yours
  • Auction them off through us to other members/resellers
  • Long term benefit of these shares - refer below "Potential Shares Value".

   Referral Rewards

  • Every person you or your group refers to 05 you earn a monthly reoccurring referral commission - which is part of our profit earnings
  • It also provides a way for you to eliminate your 05 telco bill, electricity & Gas bill and create an ongoing monthly reoccurring residual income  for as as the services remain with 05.

   Goodwill Value

  • Did you know there is a goodwill value attached to every customer a business has, it is our understanding that no business has ever shared that goodwill back to there sales team or customers, but 05 does.
  • Every active service you gain creates a goodwill value
  • Conditions apply. The goodwill value is based on 05 being sold or merges with another business - refer below "Potential Value" There is also a further goodwill value place on your income should you wish to sell your group.

         Potential Share Value

  • In September 2015 a precedent was set on the value of a database of communication customers. TPG a communications company purchased iinet for $1.56 billion, with just over 800,000 customers.
  • Not one of iinet's customers benefited financially from that sale.
  • 05 has setup it's concept of profit sharing so its customers/members would benefit from any sale or merge of its business.
  • 20% of the "Sale Price" would be pooled and shared with all loyalty share holders the more shares you have the greater return for you.
  • 40% of the "Sale Price" would be pooled and shared with those based on the number of services in you had in yourr group, each level holds a value relating to one service. 
  • 40% of the Sale Price belongs to 05 and it is 05 that decides where the final balance is shared. No customer or reseller is entitled to any of this balance.
  • . Example of what one service would have been valued at each level based on the above TPG takeover if the same applied to a takeover of 05Communications Pty Ltd

    Level 1

    Level 2

    Level 3

    Level 4

    Level 5

    Level 6







    Sale Price will be split as follows


       2 to 3 year Plan

  • We need your help to build up our database of customers so it attracts the attention of a prospective buyer so we all benefit through 05's profit sharing programs.


 Conditions Apply